“Of all of the things I had to be dragged into…” 

This was the one and only thing I thought that came into my mind for the past few months, especially after the pair of incidents that occured. After the banquet, the game, and the paranoic aftermath.

I sat in my chair, listening to music through my headphones and waiting for the banquet to end, until I heard a fimiliar number being called.

1027948. My number.

To be honest, I wasn't as surprised because I placed all of my tickets on it, but I expected my luck running out and coming home empty handed. I may have been methodical and smarter as my parents said, but they knew there were some instances where my winning side would kick in and I would be astonishingly foolish.

I checked the bundle and went through the games.

Infamous, Uncharted, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Gears Of War, and $50 gift card to Gamestop.

I was honestly confused. Why would that coach buy games like this for 9 year old kids? If a parent won this, they would be making some calls to the coach by now, probably in a fit of rage and questioning what he think their taste in video games are. 

It was then I noticed the one that would effect me until the day I died. Shadow Of The Colossus. I remember that I heard nothing but great things about this the first game. The design was outstanding, the music was fantastic, and it had a epic, unique concept. This was a gaming masterpiece at it's prime.

From what transpired in the future weeks to come,

In all honesty, I was kind of glad my brother wasn't involved with this. If he was, I don't know if he could have handled the trauma and fear of what happened in the next couple of days.


The Beginning

I've recorded all of the suspicious content off of a capture card software. The content actually wasn't some glitches or bugs in the capture, so all of the film are what is on it is confirmed to be genuine by local video game analysts that looked at the game. I was surprised 

I even watched playthrough beyond playthrough of this game and all of them played out differently, acting normal full through. I still don't understand how this game played out the way mine did, but there was no way in hell that it was haunted or anything like that, I will attest to that after. 

Here was what I wrote describing all of the game.


Valus, The 1st Colossus


The Shadow Hallway

Recaps: Colossi 2 - 6

After the epic beginning to the game, 

I finally went to bed as I was too tired to finish the 4th Colossus as it was almost impossible to jump on him.

Hydrus, The 7th Colossus

I prepared the miniscule time to thrust my sword 

I pressed the square button and we quickly submerged in the depths before I could him. By now, I was starting to get pretty angry.

"Come on!"

Basaran, The 9th Colossus


The Dark Mist

Dirge, The 10th Colossus

The fourth advanced boss battle was Dirge. I considered this to be a harder and annoying bosses besides Hydrus, Kumatori, and the previously mentioned Basaran. After spending what felt like an hour of looking for lizards for stamina and trekking to the dunes, I went back to the temple. I heard there was this funny thing you could do with a bird there and you could  From what I was able to see across the shadows across the temple, the statue marking him at the temple made him look intimidating, and boy was he ever. 


The Shadow

He came full force at me, and knocked me off of my horse. I got back up as Dirge circled me like a tornado, leaving me in a stalemate. It was then he slithered at me once again. I attempted to avoid it by jumping around him but he struck Wander and crushed him against a wall. Just like that, it was game over. 

RECENT EDIT: I went through the footage again to see what that figure could be, and also to those who were wondering, the first fight lasted just 34 seconds, just for those who wanted to know. 


Recap: Colossi 11 - 14

But I felt like I should describe the Argus fight separately as it was too unexpected and too weird to just recap.


Argus, The 15th Colossus 


Argus Getting Impaled

Then, something I never expected happened. Argus slammed the bridge, and was going to sweep his arm across the bridge to knock me off. However, I heard a loud cracking noise from the other side of the bridge. Reluctantly, I looked to the upper left. I saw a large, straight rock fall from above the ruined city. 

Slice. Went clean through. This shocked me, as Argus' body flew to the ground. I paused my game, in awe from what I just witnessed. I didn't know what to think, I couldn't tell if what I have seen was awesome or just weird. I unpaused and looked below at the fatally injured Colossi, watching it spew its dark aura from his wounds. I spent a minute descending from the bridge and went over to him. He was still alive, and trying to move towards me. His health bar was even slowly diminishing. He gave up, and looked down to the ground, slowly breathing and waiting for me to take the finishing blow. I felt different. Sad. It felt like I was putting down a beloved animal.  I climbed on top of this head, and gazed across the landscape. I looked up to the spot where the large pillar fell from, and saw what I expected. That all too familar shadow. I put the injured creature out of its misery, and I was once again consumed by that dark net, contemplating if I was really ready for the final battle to come or not.

RECENT EDIT: I went through the frames of the video capture, and noticed something I could never have caught before. At the frame before the spike impaled Argus, a single, mysterious frame of what looked like a slender, pale arm getting skinned open by what looked like a makeshift dagger. It was way too fast to have been sighted by me at the time. You might be shocked by this, but this find didn't shock me when I found it. At least, compared to what came next, it would be pretty tame.


Malus, The Final Colossus

The camera panned upward to the all too familiar voice in the skygaze. But, he did not say anything. Elipses just showed in the subtitles as it just went back down to me. 

Probably the most unnerving part about the whole situation was that there wasn't background music anymore. All I heard were occasional noises Agro made, but the rest was basically the sound of fast winds in the barron wasteland. Part of it actually made me feel calm through the random occurences through the game.



The video screen was somewhat static. This occurence was portrayed like some sort of snuff film. 

The man clenched the woman's neck, squeezing it while her expression transitioned. She screamed in agony, and her blinded, snow white pupils widened as her neck became tainted scarlet. The moment this happened, I decided enough was enough and this was too much for me to handle and I shut off the monitor. My curiousity may have increased tenfold but I downright refused to continue and left to let my parents know about what was going on.

This incident would assumingly be burrowed deep into my intellect, remaining with me until the day I passed. I doubt I will ever forget this fiasco. 


I showed them the video capture. I have never seen them so petrified in my life. I remember them rushing out of the room, scrambling to make several phone calls. Before I knew it, patrol cruisers arrived and inspected the video capture and the game. 

Then I realized the Playstation was still on and I informed them that they can check out the footage but I warned them about what could happen. They had confiscated my laptop for more info and I asked if I could keep a copy of the video file to check in case I missed anything. After a talk, they let me put a copy on a USB, but to report it immediately if he finds something bad.

After a couple of uncomfortable and eerily uneventful weeks, I talked to my brother's baseball coach who was the one bought the game for the banquet. Of course, he said he had bought it from used game store downtown. 

I actually had to write my first ever testimony for the court. Apparently this case went international He admitted to everything, the development of his game, the murders, and there was even a member of Sony Entertainment to attest to this. He apparently interviewed Alvas after he wanted part in the development of the game, but refused him after he was suspected of insanity. 

The man who supposedly developed the game was arrested just outside of Riga, Latvia after a man tipped police after noticing blood in his backyard after his daughter disappeared several months later and similar murders occured around here. He suspected that the man from the game was from here and commited the acts here. Latvian police arrested him and deported him to America for questioning. He admitted everything to them. He said that he had moved to my town a couple of months before and worked at the previously mentioned used game store. Once Shadow Of Colossus became a sensation, he planted his version with the others and waited until the commotion came in. He mysteriously quit his 2 weeks before my incident and moved back to his hometown near Riga to continue his other hobby. The man's name was Alvas Dörmin. He was a 49 year old experienced programmer and unaffiliated graphics designer.

I thought to myself a question that could lead to more answers, or more horrors.

"Did Ico have anything on it?"


Author's Note

If you didn't get the ending, Ico is a prequel to Shadow Of The Colossus that was released after SoTC.


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